Merfil, offers services to guide young people to know their skills, aptitudes and professional interests. Provide knowledge of the academic offers for university studies, facilitating decision-making and minimizing errors in choosing a university career.

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We want to change doubt and indecision for decision making with foundations and security!

Our goal is to ensure that each young person finds their place to achieve personal self-fulfillment through decision-making strategies.

Father / Mother

How do we do it?

We encourage critical thinking in young people. The final objective is for young people to be able to develop their own opinion on a topic and previously assess the pros and cons of it.

Psychometric test

Application of psychometric tests that allows us to know and guide the young person with the personality variables, aptitudes and interests that arise after the evaluation.


You can make questions and find out about the status of the different careers in the workplace today.

We offer and share the different academic options that may exist in the different institutions with university degrees.

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