Merfil helps you to know your profile and its compatibility with the career you dream of

You have a lot of ideas, at the moment but you don’t know how to organize them.

  1. Identify your skills, preferences and aptitudes
  2. Know those areas that you must strengthen to achieve success through standardized tests.
  3. Learn a little about university life, realities and myths, what about schedules and how do they affect your classes? and any questions you have about college life in general.

A psychological test for clinical or psycho-pedagogical use that has been previously applied and whose results have been contrasted with different populations is not the same as a web self-test. Each psychological test has a function and evaluates specific aspects, it must be corrected and interpreted by a specialist.

Academic Accompaniment

Vocational Training and Guidance

Support for Academic Centers

School for parents

Psychological Assessments

Primary and Secondary Assertiveness Workshop

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